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Headhunting Service

We offer you a headhunting style recruitment, in order to achieve faster and more on-target recruitment with specializing in each professional field by providing 360-degree services.
We have successful bilingual consultants with the background of working with many foreign firms who can provide you professional service with the global perspectives and approaches. Besides, we have plenty of global talents in our data base.
・360°Recruiting Service
We are providing recruitment supports from a 360-degree perspective with a two-sided approach responsible for both the company side and the job seeker side. At the same time, we provide end-to-end recruitment service from scouting, screening, interview preparation to closing.
Adopting a headhunting method instead of a registration method adopted by many other recruitment companies, we will acquire talents with a "proactive" style rather than a "reactive" style. This approach is much more effective for high-class recruitment and urgent positions.
We “Talent x Buzz” have specialized consultant with expertise in 11 industries as below:
Digital Technology / Information Technology / SCM / Procurement / Manufacturing / Consulting Firm / Logistics / Accounting & Finance / Human Resource / Sales / Marketing
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Boost your possibilities with the power of talents.

With the arrival of a digital society,
our working styles and the values of companies are changing drastically.
In a global and digital environment,
we will provide values in this new border-less era in order to
innovate the recruitment processes for job seekers and industries.

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Our Service
We will use the power of talents to change the world’s recruitment practices and solve the recruiting challenges, offering innovative services.
  • Headhunting Service

    An adaptive workforce with no limitations in location nor time is becoming the norm and a top priority now for job seekers and companies. As we also approach a new age in recruitment, our 360 degree recruitment strategy caters to the ever changing work environment by delivering successful matches through understanding intentionality, the environment, and offering career consultations.
  • HR Consulting Service

    Recruiting talents is becoming more competitive going forward. Consulting services on overall HR issues from a global perspective. We will contribute to your company's recruitment hiring needs by practically providing educational training and talent acquisition marketing, etc.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is becoming more common among overseas companies. With the increasing mobility of human resources, we provide a comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing service to realize more professional and effective recruitment strategies.
  • HR System Development

    Our technology helps to manage HR process by matching candidates to companies and vice versa using AI and Big Data. We develop HR systems that streamline global recruiting activities including media services linked to advertisements.
Our Service